Why blog?

Why blog? I thought it would be a good way to share my interests… from food (bite) to Virtual Reality and other things tech (byte).  Odd combination but hey, it’s what I enjoy.

I love to cook…. I discovered this kinda late in life. I don’t love the dishes that come with it so I find myself making large meals that will last a couple of days as lunch and dinner leftovers.  I love to bake, so much so that I’ve made baking a side hustle.  I’d ultimately like to share some favorite recipes, some tools, and some hacks I’ve learned along the way.

Then, the techy in me LOVES virtual reality.  I can’t tell you what I’ve spent on this hobby but I will tell you its the best money spent on entertainment.  Even my significant other commented it to be the best video game ever.  Not that VR is all fun and games, there’s educational value to it, too.  But let’s be real, I like to be entertained and there’s no greater entertainment that scaring the pants off your friends.  I’m surprised they are still friends!

At any rate, welcome to my musings of things food and VR and other things that might strike my interest.  I hope it turns out to be a fun hobby for me and something good for you.

Author: NicoleJeannette

I'm an unofficial cook, baker, and VR enthusiast in Colorado Springs.

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