VR Intro

At some point, I’ll have posts about games that I’ve played (preferably), or had other people play.  I’m a chicken and don’t watch horror movies so I really can’t bring myself to play the horror games in VR.  And there are MANY.  In fact, I probably buy them all for sheer entertainment purposes when we have friends over.  Anyway….

Before I get to the games and what not, I wanted to let you all know which VR systems I currently have.  I feel there are many more purchases to come with the every changing VR/AR scene.  I must pace myself.

First, I have the HTC Vive which I purchased around June of 2016.  BEST MONEY EVER SPENT.  This includes the computer system I needed to run it.  Towards the beginning of summer this year, I picked up the Oculus Rift when it went on sale.   Both sites have a utility to test your computer systems if you are thinking about jumping into VR.

My preference is the Vive.  First, its room scale capability makes this system far more immersive than the Rift.  The Rift is good too, and I partly picked it up for some Rift exclusive games that looked good.  I’m probably more biased towards the Vive because it was my first purchase.  The reason I purchased the Vive is for the game Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul.  Thanks to this video, which shows gameplay with the Vive, I was dying to get my hands on it.  I waited on this release for a very long time.  I stalked the PAVR Facebook and Twitter accounts to find out when the release date would be.  The game was that scary in pre-alpha, just think how much better it is in production.  And if you’re wondering, I lasted less than 5 minutes  (including the tutorial) in this game.  Since this game has been out a while, and on multiple platforms, I’m sure you can YouTube a great many gameplay videos and laugh your little heart out.

There are ample sites that review the pros and cons of each, so I won’t rehash that information here.  But I do prefer the Vive for its room scale capability.  I think I will use the Rift more for games that are standing / sit down only ALTHOUGH, it is coming along with roomscale if you get multiple sensors (I only have 2 so far and don’t really want to buy any more).

I’ve downloaded a “Halloween special” that I’m hoping to talk some friends into doing.  If I’m successful, I’ll share the antics with you all.  I’ve pretty much scared all my friends so it might be hard to get volunteers at this stage.  Maybe I’ll try it for myself….. just kidding.


Author: NicoleJeannette

I'm an unofficial cook, baker, and VR enthusiast in Colorado Springs.

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