Lone Echo – VR

I finally purchased Lone Echo on the Oculus Rift because it was on sale.  Some of the best. money. spent.  Seriously.  This game was MADE for VR.

Now, I do not have 360 roomscale on the Oculus set up.  I have two sensors and they are spaced apart but almost in a straight line in front of you.  The game is totally playable without 360 roomscale.  The secret is the right thumb stick (maybe the game told you this and I wasn’t paying attention, so let me help you out).  The thumb stick will change your perspective so you don’t spin yourself into a tizzy.  If I spun to far round, my hands started wigging out and it’s pretty uncomfortable in the game.

SO this game.  There is a single and multiplayer mode.  I played single.  I have no comment about multiplayer yet.  You are an android robot AI thing named Jack, on a space station outside Saturn.  You have a human partner. You perform tasks, meet objectives, and explore various places on and off the space station.  There were even some areas I felt stress (LOL) because I was that into it.

The graphics are good, the dialog is good and interactive, and you get to explore in zero gravity.  You move like you would if you were in space…. grab things and push-off (or use a jet pack).  There is no teleporting, or moving a joystick to move your character.  WARNING – you *might* feel a little motion sick.  I am a little sensitive and I experienced a little motion sickness but the game was so much fun I almost forgot about it.  The second time I played, I took a Dramamine…. pre-emptive strike that time.

You have to complete objects and solve your way through the story.  There are tutorials along the way in the beginning that show you how to use your tools / touch controller (like a booster pack, cutter, scanner, and a few other things).  With the Oculus controllers, your hands act and “feel” like real hands since you can make a full fist and use only your pointer finger.  You need to master this skill for this game.  You use your finger for a lot of things.  Once you learn the controls though, its pretty intuitive.

Side note props that must be given:  I accidentally paid attention to my hands while doing different things in the game.  The fingers actually work and move around whatever object you are interacting act in the game, even though your physical fingers are likely in a vice grip on the touch controller.  FANTASTIC ATTENTION TO DETAIL.

I finished the game in 7 hours… split into 2 sessions.  I honestly didn’t realize I was in for so long during either session (4 hours the first time, 3 hours the second).  I did get stuck once, but not for very long.  You’ll have to use your head but it really isn’t very hard.  Pay attention to your surroundings and listen to the dialog and use your objective “hints” to work your way through.

This game is well worth the money (on sale or not in my opinion).  As of this writing, the game rated almost 5 starts with 1,991 ratings.  Can we all be wrong?  Well, the ones that gave it anything less than a 4 star ARE wrong.  If you have a Rift and you’re looking for good content and for some reason don’t have Lone Echo yet, you are missing out.  This is a must have.  Just break down and buy it.  Right. Now.


Author: NicoleJeannette

I'm an unofficial cook, baker, and VR enthusiast in Colorado Springs.

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