Beat Saber – VR

Beat Saber is most definitely my favorite VR game. It is a rythm game available on the Vive, Oculus, and PlayStation. It also works with the Valve Index. I play on the Vive and let me just say, its a good way to sneak in some exercise. You basically slice blocks with light sabers to the beat of music; while avoiding obstacles.

Thanks to Beat Saver and BeastSaber, players are able to mod the game to add additional content. Know that mods are offically unsupported, and all the additional songs you chose to download are user generate and some are much better than others. Beat Saver has the link to the mod assistant that is required in order to download custom tracks.

While the songs that are standard in the game are good, I personally enjoy playing songs I recognize. I was excited Beat Saber recently added the Imagine Dragons song pack. That is super fun and is available as paid downloadable content (completely worth it). If you mod, and download custom tracks, you do so “at your own risk.” I try to look at the likes vs dislikes on a track to try and make sure I don’t download something off beat or just not fun to play. If you do that, you can just delete the song and move on. BennyDaBeast is one of the best custom track creators out there so even if you don’t know or like the song, its probably worth the download and a play. His tracks flow well and provide a good bit of challenge.

I’ve posted many videos playing this game. And experimenting with the Green Screen (which is an endeavor in itself) makes the recording much more fun. I think I’ll set myself a task to record from the Imagine Dragons pack next.

Playing Beat Saber – Love the Way You Lie
Playing Beat Saber – Without Me
Playing Beat Saber – Dynamite.

Prepare to sweat!

Author: NicoleJeannette

I'm an unofficial cook, baker, and VR enthusiast in Colorado Springs.

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