I’m back

I took a long long break from trying to keep up a blog.  I’ve been so busy and as a result, pretty exhausted.  I finally finished my degree in Information Assurance and Security.  I still bake and fill orders.  I think I may expand that to offering edible prints (let me make my edible printer make me some money!).  I got a new job in the Information Security industry, although now I have a long daily commute but I think the job is worth it.  A lot of changes.

I still have my VR hobby and at this point I have aquired the Vive Pro, Oculus Rift, and Valve Index.  I still play the Vive the most, and the Index will probably come in a high second but I’m waiting on replacement foam pads for the headset before I play it too much.  I don’t know why everyone wants to have cloth or foam pads — it just soaks up the sweat (and or then absorbs make-up) and it makes it really difficult to share with others.

As for cooking — I haven’t been doing a lot of that simply because the time runs out in the day and I really value sleeping.  I am a sleeper.  It is my super power.  BUT I seem to need/want a lot of it.  So, usually that means I skip dinner or get something quick.  I do want to try to get back into Paleo – or maybe experiement with what GenoPalate has reported back to me.  If I’m feeling ambitious maybe combine the two.

Anyway, here’s to trying to stay dedicated to blogging this year — even if it is just for me. 🙂  Have a great work week folks.